The Pool

When you grow up in a small town, there’s not a lot to do. In the summer, the pool is one of the only recreation activities readily available. And you don’t really have to specify which pool you’re talking about when you say you’re going to the pool. It’s just “the pool”.

A lot of us have grown up swimming in that pool, and it shows. Take a look at the current pool…


The Sunburst Pool has offered endless entertainment and reprieve from hot weather for generations. For many years now, we’ve raised funds simply to patch leaks and prolong the life of the pool. Those cracks and leaks are adding up, though, and maintaining the pool is becoming increasingly cost prohibitive.

Now we’re raising funds to build a new pool that will last for many more generations. The plan is to build a modern 20 ft x 50 ft rectangular pool and to do this we need to raise $175,000.


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